You do not choose to be an Activist, Activism chooses You and when you're called to Stand Up, you'd be better be ready as you will watch and experience pain unimaginable when doing so for those whom you love, especially when that person whom you are standing up for has suffered tremendously and has asked you to keep a promise to protect them.

Then you may eventually find that your promise is not only meant for that one person, that promise is also meant for an entire group of people, human beings who are suffering. My cause is Elder Abuse, I will fight for the rights of my friend Nichelle Nichols as she has been like a second mother to me, I never knew I needed a second mother but God, the Universe had other plans. One thing I know and Nichelle knew is that I am an individual who keeps her word. So I continue to fight, persevere and stand up for the Human Rights of my friend and many along with her.

Determination, Perseverance and Focus is everything in these battles but if you can save an elderly's individuals' life or quality of life then it is well worth it. A formula that occurs in the Elder Abuse world is Isolate the Elder, Over Medicate The Elder and Steal The Estate then the Elder is thrown into a rest home or shady place out of their personal space that was safe and familiar to them, thrown away as if their entire life and accomplishments, no matter what their accomplishments may be or what kind of work they did, as if it meant nothing...as if they are no longer human and frankly already dead.  And if you stand up for the Elder, those perpetrating against the person will then work to defame you, silence you to make sure that they get what they want with zero interference.  Alas, they will even go so far as removing your work links from the internet as they have done to me or literally share their malice, discontent and will lie to those you have worked with so you will get so weak that you will give in and give up. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN! Just because people are old DOES NOT mean they should be thrown away and that their end of life desires should be ignored! STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR ELDER NO MATTER WHO JUDGES YOU OR TRIES TO TEAR YOU DOWN.


So, if you are fighting an Elderly Abuse battle know that you are NOT alone.  There are other advocates & activists out here who will fight along with you and give you the support you and your loved one, family or friend, requires.  One such organization is The Kasem Cares Foundation https://www.kasemcares.org/ , they help, they work, they support all from personal knowledge of what the Elder Abuse experience looks like and is.  I will provide more information for you as I continue to walk down this path in life.  


Here are a few links of the Pain of Elder Abuse that I have unfortunately witnessed first hand via video and how I have fought to prevent further harsh actions towards my friend. I went to Court stood up for Nichelle Nichols and became an Interested Party in her Probate Court Case. This case has gone on now for over 2 years.

Daily Mail 2018


Daily Mail 2019


KABC Channel 7 - (When I had to attend Court for the first time to stand up for Nichelle and present video that she asked me to share if her son or if anyone else ever tried to bring harm to her again or if anyone tried to place her in a rest home again.)


FOX News 2019


Page Six








Star Trek Guide


People Magazine




Nichelle Nichols Own Words - 2013

When ANY human being states what they want in their final years on Earth they should be respected, acknowledged and they should be affored the Dignity that ANY and EVERY Human Being deserves. Ones vocation does not matter, notoriety and fame does not matter, wealth or lack thereof does not matter.  What matters is the basic human rights of an Elderly Individual to be GIVEN not "allowed" every allocation that they have worked their entire lives for. Nichelle has not been given that instead she has been stolen from and in my opinion which I own, and physically and verbally abused. Look out for your loved ones, family or friends, one day they may need you. This is the condensed version of the video Nichelle Nichols asked me to share with the Public and with Media, you can locate the full version on YouTube for full and whole disclosure.

Second Video - Who we are to each other, always together in Spirit. I will continue to fight for your rights.  Never Give Up, Never Give In. Do What's Right. 

Deposition of Ex-Fiduciary Conservator Dr. BJ Hawkins who is not only professional but who told the TRUTH and whistleblew on how NN's son treated his mother, she worked on his Team and she revealed how NN's son spoke harshly to his mother often, how he made inappropriate demands for his Mother's money as well as how she found that the Ex-Talent Manager had mis-used Nichelle's funds as well. And when NN's son did not get what he wanted, money or actions outside the scope of what a Conservator is required to do  from Dr. Hawkins how NN's son became enraged and told the Ex-Fiduciary Conservator that he was going to "fix her, get her, and hurt her", along with cussing her out a few times. This mentioned Ex-Fiduciary Conservator and Expert witness states that NN's son is "not fit" to be a Conservator. Additionally, she reveals NN's son obsession with me, constantly asking about me at each meeting they had, literally over 20 times, trying to set me up for bad visits with NN which would not happen and his unfounded dislike for me even though he was absent from NN's life for 6 years, refusing to visit her while I paid bills for Nichelle, visited her twice per month for years, celebrated Holidays and Birthdays with her, lived life, and looked out for her as I love her and as she asked me to have her back. NN's son also tried to wrongfully accuse me and was shamed in the Deposition as Dr. Hawkins stated the Truth and revealed that I handled everything I needed to do in an "orderly and timely manner". And the saddest part is that Dr. Hawkins also states the NN's informed her that she wanted to die in her home as well. Yet her son denied NN request.

PUBLIC DOCUMENT: Present - Dr. BJ Hawkins, Attorney Farris Ain, Attorney Jeffrey Paul Marvan, Kyle Johnson, Angelique Fawcette, court reporter.

*This Document/Deposition contains the testimony of a Ex-Fiduciary-Conservator who was referred to Nichelle's son by a family friend, hired by NN's son and appointed by the Court.

*NOTE - This Deposition was so bad that NN's son attorney Marvan asked my attorney Ain if he would like to speak later to resolve this issue. "Somehow" this request was removed from this mentioned Deposition, wrongfully (what is stated in Deposition should never be removed), but I have proof that it was stated anyway. This Deposition along with an abundance of evidence was ignored by a retired Judge and Nichelle was shipped off and removed from her home that she worked so hard for and wanted to die in anyway, against her life desires, without there an Evidentiary Hearing ever being heard by the court or by a Jury. If the evidence was heard I do believe there "may" have been some adjustments to this outcome. But NN's was denied that, I was denied that, evidence that Dr. BJ Hawkins presented to the Court was denied and NN's son never presented her or allowed her to go to Court which is her right. My opinion which I own, NN's son is just as bad as NN's ex-Talent Manager. Each person seemingly and allegedly caring more for my Dear Nichelle's money than for her life. 

Click Here To View Deposition. >>>>>

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